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It has been too long since my last update!

Hello again world!
I know- one update a year isn't really fair upkeep on the website, but here I am again, giving you new information.

I am alas no longer doing hair at VAIN Ballard. As of June 2014, I transferred over to the West Seattle shop. Fear not, lovely denizens of Ballard- I am at the downtown location the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to be close to your hood! Also, West Seattle, though a jaunt away, has plenty of free parking!

I'm finding it hard to get pictures uploaded here since the advent of Instagram. It is so much easier to upload on-the-job photos there! You can follow me for examples of my work on the every day, from updos to curlformations! You can find me here: sp1tf1r3sam on Instagram!

Slight Changes and No Changes

Success with the new nickname, Jeanne! It actually hasn't been too weird introducing myself as Jeanne, even though it's not my name- well, it is my name, just not my first name.

In other news: I've gone to work on Sundays in Ballard now, and downtown VAIN Monday through Thursdays.

I'm also working on getting my stylist profile up on the Vain website. Look for a link soon!

Life has been pretty great. I'm booking up and getting lots of curly girls (and guys!) into some new, great styles! As for myself, well, I've gone blonde (again)! I'm trying like hell to keep the length I've spent the last 7 months growing out, but I think I could still use a trim.

Nicknames and New Clients!

VAIN is turning out to be an amazing experience for me. I've met some amazing new clients and have done some great makeovers over the last 3 weeks!

I can't believe it's already almost been a month since I started!

One tip about booking with me: When requesting an appointment with me, please ask for Jeanne. Due to there already being an amazing Sam at VAIN, and my nickname Spitfire being a bit too incendiary to attract new clients, I have decided to use Jeanne as my name at the salon. It's a shout out to both my grandmas (Jean and Gene), and it doesn't sound weird rolling off my tongue. You wouldn't think that having a nickname would be such an important things in life, but it turns out it can be!

Job Search Success!! Starting at VAIN November 4th!!

Hi everyone!
I am so excited- I have found my salon home in Seattle!

I will be starting at VAIN downtown and VAIN Ballard starting November 4th! Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I'll be at the downtown location- and Tuesdays at the Ballard location.

I have been really impressed with VAIN and what it stands for, and will be continuing to dole out awesome hair and give you DIY tips on color, products and more!

I get to stay Deva Inspired as well, which has me all kinds of tickled about it. I was at a fall fashion inspiration show today, and seeing DevaCurl on stage just lit the fire under me yet again. I can't wait to be working with you all to bring out your best curls!

The Job Search - Models Needed! - Fall Tips!

Hello everyone!
I'm in the very absorbing process of job searching, and it's been a bit frustrating, I have to say. The salon environment is just totally different out here. Not as many commission salons, and it seems like a lot of stylists rent for the majority of their career.

I have applied to I don't even know how many salons, and have even applied at a salon supply store. One of my contacts out here worked part time at a salon supply while starting out in a rental salon part time, and that's just where I may end up starting my career too.

New photos added!

Hey everyone! Since I am not in the salon, yet, I decided to do a little maintenance on my website here.

I have uploaded new photos, and rearranged/organized portfolio pictures! Click the link in the upper right to see what I've been up to, in the salon and out! And if I've seen you anywhere in the last two years, you may just be in there!


So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Well, we did it! We moved to Seattle. I am in a bit of limbo right now, as I try to navigate a new city and because I let the movers pack stuff that I should have carried with me. :) But no bother, it gives me time to feel out some new opportunities and take care of other things like making sure our house in Minneapolis gets rented.

Leaving all of my amazing clients was really really hard- it's like breaking up with your boyfriend, but imagine doing it 80 times over the course of 7 weeks.

Some recommendations for you if you are still looking for a new stylist.

The crew at Stella are pretty incredible. If Deva inspired is your thing, Nikol at Stella is also Deva inspired. I left all my client information with the salon, to help bridge the gap if you decide to stay.

Sad News

Hello everyone! I hope your summer is starting off great!

I have some sad news. I'm moving to Seattle in 6 weeks' time! I know, I know- how could I do this to you? But trust me, it wasn't an easy decision, but an opportunity that came up for the husband that we just couldn't refuse.

So my last day at Salon Stella is July 29th. I will be off for a week July 14th through the 20th, but otherwise, I will be taking clients as usual.

I will be making some exceptions to my schedule if you really need to get in, so if a spot isn't open and you are wanting to get in, please email me at and we will get you in.

Fabulous Deals for May!

Congratulations to the whole team here at Salon Stella for getting Best Haircut from the City Pages Best Of 2012! Seeing the amazing work coming out of all the chairs here is really inspiring, and I can only hope that I am living up to the reputation that the whole salon wholeheartedly deserves.

Specials for May! FREE 10 pk of foils with any color or cut! Just give me the heads up when you are booking that you want that service, and I can make sure we have the time to do it!

Just a heads up that I will be unavailable for services May 19-20. For Art-A-Whirl, we are bringing in a pop-up vintage shop at the salon, and we'll be grilling and hanging out all day, so stop by and hang out too!

Hopping into Spring

Hello again, hair friends!

April is almost through, and I realized I hadn't done another real post! So here it is.

This week, there are lots of openings to come in and get some new color done for spring, or maybe just a good shed-those-dry-winter-ends cut! As always, you can book straight online! But if you need assistance, just let me know- send me an email at or and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You can listen to my radio show online until 4/4!

Hey everyone! My radio show went off without too many hitches, and it's now online and available to listen to at your leisure- but not for long! Click here to give a listen to it on! It's available until 4/4 I believe, so hurry!

Question of the moment at the salon: Yes, I'm still doing curly cuts! They are not called curly cuts or Deva cuts on Salon Stella's website, but rest assured that if you are curly and you book a "Haircut" with me, it will be Deva inspired and done dry dry dry!

Slight Schedule Changes; I'm Going To Be On The Radio!

Hello again lovelies!
Just an FYI that I'm changing my schedule slightly at Salon Stella, just to simplify it a bit. I'll be there Wednesdays 10-5, Thursdays and Fridays 12-7, Saturdays 10-5 and Sundays 12-5.
As always, if you have a special need to see me during times that aren't listed there, send me an email and we'll see if I can get you in! My schedule is really by appointment only, so we can make it happen. This will only really limit what you can book online, and I'm usually pretty flexible within the Wednesday through Sunday timetable.

February Specials and Updates!

Hello again dear friends.

Did you know you can book on the hour for me online at Salon Stella? Well you can! No more booking a day in advance for your appointments if you need to see me quickly! Say you are at the gym at 9 am and figure that you could use a trim, you can book a 10 am appointment (as long as the spot is open) up until 9:45! Crazy. This is one of the great things about the new appointment system at Salon Stella.

Come on in! The savings are HOT!

I'm doing a special promotion at my new space, Salon Stella. It's a $5 Free For All! $5 off your first service with me, $5 off your next service for referrals, $5 off for returning clients' first service in the new space. It's quite the deal!

I'm also offering a $10 deep conditioning treatment when added to any hair service. That's a savings of $15!

I'll be offering, in addition to the hair services you already know about, brow and facial waxing and tinting, and Shellac manicures. Brow/facial waxing is $15 an area, tinting $10 for either brows or lashes. Shellac manicures will be $50.

Book your next appointment today!

New Year, New Challenges: I'm moving salons!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone survived the holidays, and are happily ensconced in some life changes as the days start to get longer.

I am doing some changes myself! A big one: I'm moving to a great rental salon in NE Minneapolis called Salon Stella! They are a Deva Inspired salon as well, and you couldn't find a more perfect spot for me to start my journey into sole proprietorship.

You better work!

Fall is coming along nicely! So far, I've worked on the White Rabbit for our "Alice in Wonderland" hair show design for the InStyle show for the InSalon trade show this past weekend.

I'm pretty busy at the salon, so keep in mind to call at least a few days in advance of when you want to come into the salon- and for Saturdays and Sundays, I would recommend calling a week ahead. I love being so busy!

In September, I worked on a photo shoot for a friend. I'm waiting to see what the final stills are like, but I'm excited to get the prints here on the site.

And the holidays are coming up! Don't forget that a gift certificate to the salon is a great gift for yourself or for others.

"Cabernet and Curls" success! and More photos of clients!

The event we at the East 42nd Street Salon hosted last Wednesday was a complete success- all thanks to our wonderful clients! We had a night of wine, curl talk, and product knowledge that left many clients with new tips and tricks for their hair. For the new friends who had never been to a Deva-inspired salon before brought by current clients, it was a chance to see a new philosophy of hair- and they seemed to love it as well! We booked some new friends, and we all had a great time.

New portfolio pictures are up! Curl event at the salon soon!

I have just uploaded some new photos to my portfolio, from work at the salon. I wish I didn't forget to do it for the majority of my clients that come in for the first time, but I do. I also forget to shoot before pictures a lot of the time.

But I have something up, and that is very good!

My new schedule is going very well. I'm liking it a lot- I hope you are too.

We are having a Curl-laboration night at the salon soon! "Cabernet and Curls" will be on August 10 at 6:30 pm. It will include more Q&A about curly hair, product knowledge, and hands on demonstrations. There will be wine and little munchies, and product promotions! $25 gets you in to the exclusive event. Let me know at your next appointment if you are interested- spaces are limited.

More amazing opportunities! And schedule updates.

I know, I know, it's been way too long since I did a blog post here.

Well, here's all the news that is fit to print.

First things first: My schedule at the East 42nd Street Salon is changing! Starting this week, my hours will be Wednesdays 10 am to 4 pm, Thursdays and Fridays 2 pm to 8 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 10 am to 5 pm. I know I'm losing some morning hours, but feel free to contact me or the salon if early Wednesdays don't work for you- I'm certainly able to make exceptions when absolutely necessary.

Now: Deva Certified!

I am back from NYC and my Deva training. What a great experience! I learned so much from the Gurus of Curl at Devachan salon!

I am now a certified Deva-Inspired Curl Architect.

It feels great. It was very inspirational to my journey into curls. I feel more than ever ready and able to take on any curl fabric, and cut and color it with style.

But that means my prices are going up! Check in at the East 42nd Street Salon for my new prices. Current clients won't see a change, unless they want to. However, in a year, you will be seeing that change to your services.

More than ever, I really want to showcase before and after photos of my clients. So if I ask you to pose, don't be shy!

New Domain- Same Great Hair!

So I thought a change of domain name might be in order- people were getting confused with my previous domain name, and honestly, it wasn't snappy enough for people to remember easily.

So welcome to SpitfireSam.Com! You can contact me directly at that domain, or through still. Spitfire Sam is my nickname, given to me during the AFSCME strike of 2003 at the U of M. It is the only nickname that ever stuck, so it's the one I'm working with. Spitfire Sam gives you sassy, easy to manage, fun styles and color. That's me!

Things have picked up at the salon, which is great. Keeping busy with new clients, and return clients as well. I love being busy, so keep the work coming at me!

Fall Specials and Holiday Looks!

New photos from the InStyle show in October posted to my gallery! Go take a look!

Snowmageddon pretty much did us in at the East 42nd Street Salon this weekend! I'm glad that if you had an appointment with me, you rescheduled- that snow yesterday was FIERCE! I unfortunately got stuck in the salon's parking lot for most of the afternoon, but managed to get home finally, safe and sound.

We have new specials at the salon! The Deep Conditioning Treatment is a great way to get your hair in great health for the holidays. Book a color with me, and you'll get one!

More Schedule Changes!!

So there are changes afoot at the East 42nd Street Salon, as we work hard to meet our clients' needs. One of which is longer hours are taking hold. So that means that my schedule is changing again!
As of November 5th, I will be at the salon 11 am - 8 pm Thursday and Friday, and 10 am - 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Can't get in to see me those days? I'm sure we can accommodate you! Just let the receptionist know what your needs are, and we can work it out- just like I work out your hair!

Business is growing and so is my portfolio!

I have posted some new photos to my online portfolio! Go check them out! If you would like to be in my portfolio, go sign up for my newsletter and get in contact with me! Come in for a service, or be a model, and let me snap ya photo.

My business is growing and I'm getting more clients by the week. I'm so grateful to all of my clients- to the veterans who are doing me such a favor with their referrals, and to the new ones who give me learning experiences and fresh vision every day! *You* are what make my job so worthwhile, so delightful and so interesting. I love going in every day to see what is in store for me!

Schedule Changes and New Challenges

As of September 1st, I will be changing my schedule at the East 42nd Street Salon. I will be working Wednesdays through Sundays, taking clients on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Don't panic if you can't make it Friday through Sunday- I will also be available as needed on Wednesdays and Thursdays for my clients.

This will open new possibilities for clientele, including more service upgrade time!

But also more challenges, as I will need to really make my timing goals during theses busier days.

I'm also taking care of two kids of friends of mine one day a week. It is a challenge for sure- they are 2 years, and 5 months old respectively. But I'm also learning a lot about little humans, and about my tolerances for little humans. :)

New photos uploaded to my gallery! New opportunities to see me!

As part of my ongoing efforts to get new people into my chair, I have done a Ninja Advertising Blitzkrieg! at this year's CONvergence.

I will be at House of Toast, a party room going for 11 years strong at CONvergence, Saturday night. I will be "barking" for them, shilling toast while others sling it. While you're there, eating toast, I can give you a FREE hair consultation! So stop on by, if you're at the CON, and get some toast!

I also have uploaded some new photos to my gallery! So go check out some of my work. I can't get pictures of it all, but rest assured, this is some of the good stuff.

MSP Magazine gave us an Editor's Pick!!

The May issue of Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine was dedicated to great hair in the Twin Cities. The East 42nd Street Salon was featured as an Editor's Pick in the feature!

Read the review here!

Already we have seen a surge in new curly clients at the salon, and it feels great! So many new faces and new life changing experiences. It makes me very happy to work at a salon that is so caring with such an underrepresented hair group, especially since I am a curly girl myself.

Mother's Day event at the East 42nd Street Salon still has spots!!

Having a hard time figuring out what to give your mom for mother's day? Why not give her a spa day at a neighborhood salon!

Cinco de Mama is a special spa event for mothers of all kinds at the East 42nd Street Salon! Special appetizers and margaritas, plus your choice of two spa services- a mini facial, massage, mani or pedi- all for the low price of $100! Treat your mom to a day of beauty at a salon known for its friendly atmosphere and chic style.

Call 612-729-4415 for more information and to make your appointment today! Space is limited!

Traipsing Through Spring

It has been an amazing spring so far, and not just with the weather.

My days are filling up at work, and that makes me so happy I can't even tell you! I feel blessed that so many of you out there really like the work I do for you. Thank you so much for coming back and referring your friends!

I am NOW taking clients on Thursdays, as well as Sundays and Mondays. So far, Thursdays are a little slow for me, but I feel confident that they will get better soon.

You better WORK!!

Alright, beautiful people. I rely on your wonderful feedback and referrals to keep Spitfire Sam designing hair and making you strut. I have never felt so grateful to a group of people than I do to my clients. You inspire me, make me think, and give my crazy hair nerdery wonderful projects to work over and work out. Thank you for the opportunity to play with your hair! :D

One of the ways you can let me know that you appreciate me, too, is to write me a review on websites. There are three that are the biggest for me: CitySearch, Yelp and

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