Traipsing Through Spring

It has been an amazing spring so far, and not just with the weather.

My days are filling up at work, and that makes me so happy I can't even tell you! I feel blessed that so many of you out there really like the work I do for you. Thank you so much for coming back and referring your friends!

I am NOW taking clients on Thursdays, as well as Sundays and Mondays. So far, Thursdays are a little slow for me, but I feel confident that they will get better soon.

I was thinking the other day about the film work I have done, and how I haven't really updated my portfolio here on my website in a while. I'm still waiting for portfolio pictures from the two photo shoots I did this past fall, which is a bit frustrating. But what can I do? I need to also start keeping my camera at work for taking photos of the clients I am doing there to update here. But honestly? I feel that if you walk out of my chair happy and feeling stylish, I get better press from you than this website! All of my clients are walking models for me and my skills and I appreciate any referrals that you bring me.

Other exciting news: Me and my partner have bought a new house! I'm very excited to take the plunge into home ownership, mostly because I am getting tired of living underneath other people. Although there is a bit of uncertainty about it due to other things in our lives, we have the house and are securing financing right now.

I recently went back to being a redhead! Spitfire Sam is back in action! I will miss the blonde bombshell style a bit, but everyone has reacted so well to the new color. Many thank yous to the wonderful Laura at work for the new style and color!

I feel blessed right now to be doing what I love at a salon that kicks so much butt! We recently were featured in "Minneapolis St Paul Magazine" as a go-to salon for curly hair! I am extremely grateful to the whole team at the salon for teaching me new techniques, supporting each other in our jobs, and being such amazing people too.

And one last plug: If you have come to see me at the East 42nd Street Salon recently, please post a review for me at CitySearch or Yelp! I just got my first review on and I am so thankful! Thank you! And sign up for email updates to the left of this post!