"Cabernet and Curls" success! and More photos of clients!

The event we at the East 42nd Street Salon hosted last Wednesday was a complete success- all thanks to our wonderful clients! We had a night of wine, curl talk, and product knowledge that left many clients with new tips and tricks for their hair. For the new friends who had never been to a Deva-inspired salon before brought by current clients, it was a chance to see a new philosophy of hair- and they seemed to love it as well! We booked some new friends, and we all had a great time.

I demonstrated the Deva 3 Step for Corkscrew/Highly Textured hair types. And though we didn't have many people in our corner outside of our lovely models, it was a great experience- for me and for the models. Even the models, who have been to the salon many times, had questions! It was amazing.

To nurture knowledge and self-esteem, that's always my goal.

I have uploaded some new before and after photos to my portfolio here on the site. It includes a curly transformation from a classic Deva shape to something a little sassier! Check them out!

Keep coming in and I'll keep snapping photos!

As always, I'm extremely grateful to all of my clients for your visits to my chair, your questions and stories, your referrals and your online reviews. Without you, I REALLY can't do this! Muita obrigada, merci beacoups, mille grazie, thank you!